Monday, March 27, 2017

Stressful Week

Dearest Abg Dae

I guess you can't hear me..or maybe with Allah's permission you can..anyway I just want to tell you that this week has been so so stressful for me..Im facing situations where I don't think I can solve them...and the worst part is I can't call you or mak and I don't want to burden Along with work stuff..she has her studies to worry about being in the final semester in sya Allah...rationally I know Allah hears all my worries..but I still wish you were here to refer to..for  me to find the solution to all these that I have to handle...I can't wait to finish the term ..another 9 months to sya Allah... I still remeber mak's advice to me after you passed away..sabarkan aje...and your advice to me always..perkara ni takkan lama...

Till then,

Yours always,


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