Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

The beginning of the New Year is a memorably sad one for me because its the day you passed away..I remembered once I posted on a new years day in 2013 that I would get over the "I can't " syndrome to the "I can and I will" action...and then suddenly when you left me...its back to the drawing board I guess

Its been three years abang since you passed away to be with our Creator on the 1.1.2014...but I still feel the same about you... I still wish you were with me but that wish will never come true I know

I went to your resting place on the 1.1.2017  with Ilham and I doa that you are in a good place among good souls In sya Allah..I console myself by the fact that everything is temporary and I truly beleive my dear that you are in a better place and that Allah is keeping you safe from the miserable things happening here on earth...

Ilham started at SMIDE  in Subang Jaya ...he is so happy and I am so happy too...this was what we planned...also the SOVO is completed and now we are searching for a tenant..I know abang that this is what you planned and I will finish this project in sya Allah...for everyones sake

I still have a year to complete as head in the department...everyone around me is applying for kenaikan pangkat and we did talk about this right sya Allah once I complete the term I will follow through what you and I sya Allah...

Till then 

Love always

~ Win

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