Thursday, June 22, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

Stressful Week

Dearest Abg Dae

I guess you can't hear me..or maybe with Allah's permission you can..anyway I just want to tell you that this week has been so so stressful for me..Im facing situations where I don't think I can solve them...and the worst part is I can't call you or mak and I don't want to burden Along with work stuff..she has her studies to worry about being in the final semester in sya Allah...rationally I know Allah hears all my worries..but I still wish you were here to refer to..for  me to find the solution to all these that I have to handle...I can't wait to finish the term ..another 9 months to sya Allah... I still remeber mak's advice to me after you passed away..sabarkan aje...and your advice to me always..perkara ni takkan lama...

Till then,

Yours always,


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

The beginning of the New Year is a memorably sad one for me because its the day you passed away..I remembered once I posted on a new years day in 2013 that I would get over the "I can't " syndrome to the "I can and I will" action...and then suddenly when you left me...its back to the drawing board I guess

Its been three years abang since you passed away to be with our Creator on the 1.1.2014...but I still feel the same about you... I still wish you were with me but that wish will never come true I know

I went to your resting place on the 1.1.2017  with Ilham and I doa that you are in a good place among good souls In sya Allah..I console myself by the fact that everything is temporary and I truly beleive my dear that you are in a better place and that Allah is keeping you safe from the miserable things happening here on earth...

Ilham started at SMIDE  in Subang Jaya ...he is so happy and I am so happy too...this was what we planned...also the SOVO is completed and now we are searching for a tenant..I know abang that this is what you planned and I will finish this project in sya Allah...for everyones sake

I still have a year to complete as head in the department...everyone around me is applying for kenaikan pangkat and we did talk about this right sya Allah once I complete the term I will follow through what you and I sya Allah...

Till then 

Love always

~ Win

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What I miss most about you

Everyday when I drive to work  I think about you. I realise Im not that smart about a lot of things eventhough I have gone through a lot of process of learning and pain and sadness...I still don't understand a lot of things happening around me and how to handle the best...Thats when I miss you the most...You always try to answer all my queries..without being judgmental or emotional..always cool and calm...I miss that... and I still cant find another person who is like you...non judgemental, wise and patient...I truly hope I can find one..maybe not like you but close enough in sha Allah and ameen..

Till then

Truly yours


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Being a single mom

Not much difference really, a mom will always be a mom..single or not...I still drive the kids here and there, cook them their favourite food (simple dishes of course - not some complicated dish of course) settle any arguments between abang and adek, worry when Along comes back late and nagging them to wake up, solat and take a shower...

I guess the most glaring part is going out to eat outside and pretending their dad is away outstation or something...

Until we meet again my dearest Adae



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